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Welcome to The Arvind Entertainment

Organization led by Mr. Pravin Lad, who has over a decade of experience in audio-video content creation. He has directed and produced numerous Marathi songs, short films, and documentaries. He also organize personality development program for college & school students.

Who Are We

We are a digital content creation company that provides services in music audio and video content creation, direction, production, and distribution. Additionally, we organize various events for our clients and offer personality development seminars for school and college students.

Our Mission

At Arvind Entertainment, we are passionate about fostering creativity and delivering exceptional entertainment experiences. Our multifaceted approach encompasses various domains, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching journey for artists and audiences.

What We Do

Our Key Services


Music Production Service

We collaborate with talented musicians, composers, and audio engineers to produce captivating music and videos. From recording studio sessions to music video shoots, we strive for excellence in every note and frame.

Digital Marketing Service

Online marketing services which helps you generate high-quality traffic for your brand. Build your brand and promote your business. Call us to get a quote from our team.

Website & Poster Design

A compelling poster can ignite curiosity, and an intuitive website serves as a digital gateway. Our designers create striking posters and user-friendly websites that resonate with your brand.

Personality Development

Personality development training is a transformative program aimed at enhancing both character and competence. By participating in such training, individuals can improve their confidence levels, create lasting impressions, improve communication skills and decision-making. It provides an opportunity to work on their attitude, motivation and fears.

Direction and Distribution

Creativity knows no bounds, and our team of lyricists, composers, and producers ensures that each song resonates with authenticity. We also handle music video direction and distribution across platforms.

Event Management

From glamorous fashion shows to prestigious award functions, we orchestrate memorable events. Our planning and seamless execution create unforgettable moments for attendees. We collaborate with businesses, educational institutions to organize impactful seminars, workshops, and conferences. Knowledge-sharing and networking take center stage.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s a concise overview of why you should choose us for your creative and event needs:
We specialize in creating high-quality music and video content. Whether you’re an artist, band, or content creator, our team can help you produce and distribute your work effectively.
Our experienced filmmakers and crew are adept at capturing compelling stories on screen. From full-length feature films to impactful short films and documentaries, we’ve got you covered. Need an attention-grabbing advertisement? We excel in that too!
Crafting memorable lyrics and composing captivating melodies is our forte. Our music production team ensures that your songs sound professional and resonate with your audience. Plus, we handle video direction and distribution to give your music the visibility it deserves.
Planning an event? Leave it to us! Our event management team meticulously organizes everything, from logistics to entertainment. We also provide expert direction during live shows, ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.
Fashion shows, award ceremonies, corporate gatherings, and educational seminars—we handle them all. Our event organizers bring creativity and precision to every occasion, making it memorable for all participants.
A well-designed poster can make a significant impact. We design attention-grabbing posters that convey your message effectively. Additionally, our web designers create user-friendly websites that showcase your brand or event seamlessly. Impress your audience with professionally designed show stationery and eye-catching flyers. Our graphic designers create visually appealing materials that leave a lasting impression.

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